ArtLoveMagic was founded in January of 2007 by Michael Lagocki, Justin Nygren, and David Rodriguez. Our inspiration was the belief that a staggering amount of artistic talent in our area (Dallas/Fort Worth) was going unrecognized and/or underdeveloped. We knew from personal experiences that artists, writers, and musicians thrive when they work together in creative environments. We decided to throw a live art and performance event.


Our first event, REACH, in February of 2007 was a collective of about two dozen close friends performing on canvas and microphones. The key to the event was that it wasn't just about showing art- it was about creating it. Essentially we invited the audience into a "studio" environment. And we invited them to pick up a paintbrush as well.


It was far more successful than we imagined. Over 300 audience members streamed through the doors, and the passion from both the artists and the audience was overwhelming. Before the night had even ended, we had booked our next show. It was clear, we were on to something.

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